Mr. Asad Ali Noor

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Asad Ali Noor is the Chief Executive Officer of HDRC Islamabad. He is a consultant Psychologist and addiction Therapist. He has his graduation in psychology and post graduation also in psychology. He worked in different hospitals and rehabilitation center in supervision of different addiction specialists.
He got his basic experiences in the treatment of addiction and psychiatric illness from PRC rehabilitation Karachi and served as a head of psychologist at SPI Rehab Islamabad.
Mr. Asad Noor is also a motivational speaker and trainer who is training Psychologist in the field of addiction treatment in different Rehabs of KPK. He is working on awareness against drug abuse in collaboration with different organizations. He is a member of International society of substance use professionals.
Mr. Asad Ali Noor attended training sessions arranged by UNODC on universal treatment curriculum 1 to 8 in collaboration with islamabad health care regulatory authority.
He recently successfully completed advanced training in the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) for addiction treatment. This specialized training equips him with new tools and approaches to support individuals on their path to recovery. His dedication to staying updated ensures that he can offer the best possible care to those seeking help for addiction.
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