Our Women Rehab Services, Islamabad

We at Healing Door Rehabilitation and Psychiatric Center want to promote mental health irrespective of the gender. Our women rehab Islamabad and Rawalpindi offer a wide range of services. We aim to help women conquer the opioid addiction, alcohol addiction, ice addiction and other illnesses that hinders in their goals.

Moreover, our team of professionals works on exploring the core issues. We provide comprehensive mental and psychological treatment services in Islamabad and surrounding areas.

What led to the necessity for a female rehabilitation center in Islamabad, Pakistan?

A woman only facility is crucial for the treatment of several psychological disorders. Addiction is one of these said issues. Females recover quickly in a segregated environment. It gives them freedom and nurturing environment.

In addition, we want to create a safe space for the women of our society. The purpose of female ward in Healing Door Rehab Center is to provide a secure facility for women to feel at ease and feel comfortable enough to address their addiction or overcome psychiatric problems.

Services we offer

Our female rehab services Islamabad includes

Mental Health Services




Bipolar Disorder




Eating Disorders

Why Choose Healing Door Rehab and Psychiatric Center for Women in Islamabad, Pakistan?

Our services include tailored plans. These are designed to meet individual needs. For many women struggling with substance abuse or in need of psychiatric treatment, effective recovery can be life-changing.

We address women’s specific needs to facilitate healing.

Safety and Security:

In a women’s rehab facility, individuals may feel more comfortable discussing their experiences, enabling them to address the root cause of their addiction.

Nurturing Environment:

A supportive environment fosters a sense of security. In a women-only addiction group, participants are more likely to support and assist each other through the recovery process.

Personalized Counseling at Healing Door Rehab and Psychiatric Center:

We offer counseling tailored to the specific challenges women face when seeking treatment. Women may grapple with feelings of guilt about leaving their families or careers, along with issues like eating disorders and self-esteem struggles. Our center is equipped to address these emotions, allowing women to focus on overcoming addiction.

At Healing Door, we want to create a safe and healthy environment for women. This will help them in becoming strong and empowering in their lives.

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