Our Drug Intervention Services

We at Healing Door Rehab Center provide best addiction treatment services. Our services involves drug intervention too. Do you think your loved one would not agree for the treatment? Would they become annoyed or aggressive?

It is actually quite normal.

When an individual is in active addiction they hold a lot of negative thoughts regarding people around them. In addition, they are in complete denial of their illness. At this point, they are actually crying for help. People need someone to step forward and take some right decision for them.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention or crisis intervention is a resolution. In this program, our expert interventionalists along with experienced doctors come to your place to pick up the patient. It is safe and quite helpful for the family of the patient.

Healing Door Rehab Center offers Alcohol intervention services, cannabis intervention services and ice intervention services in Islamabad, Sawat, Peshawar, Quetta, Mansehra and other neighbouring areas.

We offer some of the best intervention services which includes all the safety precautions and medical facilities.

In sum, intervention becomes the first step in the healing journey of an individual.

How Can You Tell When Your Loved One Needs Help with Drug Addiction?

It all begins with the signs of addiction. Recognising the signs of severity is quite difficult in the beginning. You may have to be very vigilant to notice small behavioural changes. These dysfunctional behaviours are also known as addictive behaviours.

Notice whether your loved one has started lying excessively, are they manipulating you, are they easily annoyed, do they start making a scene on small things? Moreover, suspiciousness, sleeplessness, throwing tantrums, minimizing their problems etc also comes under the addictive attitudes.


  • Loss of control over time, place, and quantity
  • Impaired psycho, socio, and economic life
  • Loss of contact with friends or family members
  • Engagement in illegal activities in order to obtain more drugs
  • Spending money on drugs instead of paying for more important things
  • Frequently absent or late to work or school
  • Experiencing withdrawal when you do not have drugs
  • Neglecting family or other priorities because of drug use
  • Taking more of the drug to feel its effects

How To Save Your Loved Ones from Drug Addiction?

Some times people need a bad experience to understand the severity of their situation. Others never stop until they are dead. We understand that the recovery and the healing journey is never easy. However, we try our best to provide best services to enhance comfort and security.

If you or your loved one needs help, do not delay it. Things spiral out of control almost immediately if not treated effectively. Contact us today. We are the best drug addiction treatment rehab in Islamabad.


Reach out and connect with us. It is okay to ask for help. Take the first step and identify that you or your loved ones are in need for help.

Contact us today.

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