Healing Door drug and alcohol rehabilitation Center has a multi-cultural approach to the problem of drug and alcohol addiction providing a universal ambiance of recovery to Pakistani and International clients.We Offer International clients get individualized recovery plans and facilities to take them through the treatment process.

International Clients
International Clients

Healing Door in Islamabad is well located amidst beautiful nature yet close to the main city.The city of Islamabad is well connected to the world by road, rail and air. It is a capital city with many sights to visit. The Rehab Center is itself cozy and has self contained A/C rooms on single and shared basis.

We provide drug and alcohol dependency treatment, minimum medication detoxification, long term therapeutic rehabilitation and post-therapy follow up plans. Apart from this we also provide guidelines for a medical tourism. We could have a therapist call you back if you Get in touch with Healing Door today!


Dubai, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, e.t.c…what makes them travel so far to seek recovery at Healing Door? Even though there are so many options in the country of their origin?

We explore some reasons:


Word-of-mouth the biggest and most powerful attraction is what brings us a lot of referral clients. Satisfied clients and grateful families recommend Healing Door to other friends, families and communities where addiction is causing problems. Their own true personal stories give us credibility that no advertising can.

Quality Care and Commitment

Healing Door has certified standards of therapy and ethics. The staff is highly committed and motivated and is ever ready to go the extra mile to help a client and his family. Integrity to core values is built on our lengthy experience and is completely adhered to. This creates consistency with flexibility resulting in a therapeutic caring ambiance of recovery.

Global approach

Western therapeutic environment does not always suit alcoholics and addicts of Pakistani origin. Our counselors possess a strong insight into the social and family dynamics of an Pakistani environment. They also capable of creating comfort for European and American clients as Pakistani are brought up with substantial exposure to global culture

Expert Clinical Consultants 

Healing Door has strict and effective protocols to manage medical issues. The rehab has had significant success with dual diagnosis (addiction + psychiatric issues) cases

Competitive prices

Rehabs in the West or Far East are typically expensive. For the cost of a 28 day treatment in the West, one can get a luxurious 3 month residential treatment program in rehabs in Pakistan.

Realistic and Goal-oriented Duration

Most rehabs in the West and Far East are offering 28- day programs, which could be grossly inadequate. It is a known fact that this duration is determined by the policies of the Insurance Industry which usually pays only for 28 days. Addiction experts agree that this short period is not enough for full and meaningful recovery. Healing Door offers 60 day, 90 day and Fast track 45 day programs.

Peer Counselors’ personal experience

Most of the counselors at Healing Door are themselves addicts with long terms in recovery. They have traveled the road and the clients are able to identify with them. There is significant empathy, rather than sympathy and the counseling is insightful rather than like a lecture. It also makes it difficult for the clients to manipulate the counselors since they are familiar with the ‘tricks of the trade’! The counselors’ personal experience is their best qualification which is enhanced by regular in-house and external training and skills up gradation programs

These are few reasons why Healing Door’s treatment is best & affordable for alcoholics and addicts from all over the world.

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