Rehab for Women: Alcohol and drug addiction, especially prescribed drugs given by doctors for depression and anxiety is on the rise in women’s of Pakistan. Alcohol and drug addictions can have devastating effects on a woman’s life.

If you find yourself organizing your day’s activities around getting or using alcohol or drugs, this is a clear sign of addictive behavior. Missing work, less and less contact with family and friends, and even personal hygiene issues can develop as addictive behaviors start to take over your life.

A high percentage of women with addiction problems have suffered physical or sexual abuse sometime in the past or in the present. If you’ve been the victim of physical or sexual abuse, alcohol and drugs provide an easy way to mask the pain and forget that it ever happened.

A women-focused drug rehabilitation program at Healing Door is designed to help you work through these painful issues and learn ways to replace “using” with healthy, productive activities.

Another woman-specific issue involves the roles women take on within their families. Women with children, women with spouses or women with aging parents may have to contend with family responsibilities that are not typically expected of men.

This is especially the case when a woman must provide for her children without the help of a partner.

The fear of having your children removed by the court system is enough to drive any person into a panic. Struggling with addiction problems and holding a family together can quickly become a no-win situation unless the proper supports are in place.

Special treatment Rehab for Women

Rehab for women

A woman-focused rehabilitation program at Healing Door can assist you in making whatever arrangements are needed to be able to deal with this situation keeping your recovery from alcohol and drugs in mind.

Issues related to self-esteem and identity often play a pivotal role for women who suffer with addiction problems. These feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt lead women to seek out dysfunctional, painful relationships that only worsen their addictive tendencies.

Friendships can also take on a dysfunctional dynamic that places unnecessary or unhealthy demands and pressures on a person.Often the expectations of others and social circles are a prime source of a woman’s struggle with addiction.

Through ongoing therapy – women learn to define who they are and what they want out of their lives. Healing Door also offers a highly confidential and private, one to one counseling and therapy program for women suffering from addiction as well as co-dependency.

Considering the taboo and stigma attached with addiction and mental health issues in Pakistan there is a need for more and more places like Healing Door which offer treatment with dignity.

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