All about cocaine

cocaine is a drug produced using the leaves of the coca plant Cocaine is otherwise called coke, C, drop, snow, break, and blow. Cocaine is an energizer, which means it expands readiness and energy. It influences the neuropathy courses in your mind, driving you to feel garrulous, enthusiastic, and euphoric. Cocaine addiction can develop quickly, even after trying it only a few times.


 A medicine named ECSTASY was first produced synthetically by “ Merck Pharmaceutical Company” in 1912. It was called MDMA. It was used by the theU.S Army in 1953 but latterly it came as a party medicine. Moment, it’s a common club medicine inU.S. It isn’t available openly in medicine stores but only available with medicine dealers, club party persons.

Acute & post Acute withdrawal symptoms of the Drugs

The first stage of detox, acute withdrawal, is primarily physical withdrawal symptoms which will last from seven days up to 2 weeks. Acute withdrawal symptoms are the immediate or initial withdrawal symptoms that occur upon sudden cessation or rapid reduction of the use of addictive substances, including alcohol and other drugs.