Healing Door Rehab Center Detox Treatment

We understand detox is a painful and heart-wrenching experience, which is why we conduct our detox. That’s because a patient needs expert medical supervision and monitoring during this agonizing period of 1-3 weeks. We ensure there is an advanced life support system and medical and psychological parameter testing is available on site.

Drugs detox

The first step during the detox process is identifying the main causes of addiction. After initial analysis, we can eliminate the major factors that cause stress and dependency.

The main withdrawal is medically supervised and closely monitored to minimize discomfort and to prevent complications associated with the detoxification process.

A complete medical examination and psychiatric assessment. A complete analysis of pathological reports to check dietary deficiencies and emotional escalation.

Only when the patient is fully-detoxified is he moved to the rehab where the main challenges are met and overcome.

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