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Islamabad’s Best Rehabilitation Center | Written by: Gleefulmerry

The HDRC– Healing Door Rehab Center in Islamabad is a high-end alcohol and drug rehab center that gives each patient care and attention. The HDRC- Healing Door Rehab Center is a dual diagnosis treatment facility with offices in Islamabad. Here, we adhere to a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment that includes psychological, medical, and well-being treatments. We concentrate on various parts of the Spirit, Mind, and Body, facilitating healing and lessening the likelihood of recurrence.

Residential Rehab Program

The objective of the recovery phase is to treat both the causes and effects of alcohol addiction. To control triggers, acquire coping mechanisms, & prevent relapse while adopting a healthy lifestyle, a variety of therapeutic treatments are employed in an inpatient drug rehab.


Outpatient Drug Rehab

An alternative to inpatient treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol is outpatient rehab. This sort of treatment does not entail on-site accommodation, unlike inpatient rehab. A person struggling with addiction is not compelled to stay in a treatment facility for three months, often three months. Instead, they live in their own house and go to treatment on the scheduled days and times.

The main goal of the recovery phase is to treat drug addiction’s causes and effects. A variety of therapeutic treatments are employed to control triggers, acquire coping mechanisms, & prevent relapse while adopting a healthy lifestyle. Although there are outpatient programs…



Detoxification is always the first stage in alcohol and drug addiction therapy; it’s crucial to rid the body of all addictive drugs before moving on. People who have a drinking disorder or a substance addiction issue frequently experience…


  • Treatment Programs
  • Drug Rehabilitation Phases
  • Each person in drug recovery goes through these stages.

What is the most effective method of addiction treatment?

According to American Addiction Centers, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment method for various addictions, including but not limited to food, alcohol, and prescription medication addiction.

What percentage of addicts recovers?

According to additional research conducted by the CDC as well as the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2020, 3 out of every four addicts finally overcame their addiction. “So that’s a big deal, like 75%,”

What are the four stages needed for addiction recovery?

The four therapy phases are as follows:

• Treatment initiation.

• Early abstinence.

• Maintaining abstinence.

What is the aftercare Program?

Aftercare programs assist those with addiction disorders transition from a regimented inpatient or outpatient therapy program to a less regimented setting.

How is the brain affected by addiction?

When a person develops an addiction, their brain craves the drug’s effect. This is due to the brain’s rewards being severely aroused. As a result, many drug users continue to abuse the substance, resulting in various euphoric experiences and peculiar behavioral habits. Brain damage & even death can result from long-term addiction. The brain receptors of an addicted person are overloaded. The brain adjusts like turning down a loudspeaker when the level is too high by either creating less dopamine or eradicating dopamine receptors.

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