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Healing Door Rehab Center unique Services

Healing Door Rehab Center services has been designed according to a variety of comprehensive multidisciplinary residential programs tailored to individual needs. We offer services to heal your mind, body, and soul. Our innovative model integrates science-based treatments with a holistic healing approach.

We use evidence-based treatment techniques according to the needs and sufferings of our patients. Our professional team is well trained. We provide the treatment of drug addiction and psychiatric illness. We apply the 12 Steps model in collaboration with the Minnesota model, especially for substance use disorders.

At the healing door, we use different techniques for the behaviors modification of mentally ill people. We have a 24 hours routine for our patients to make them responsible, punctual and train them to utilize their abilities & learn skills.

We manage the acute withdrawal symptoms of our patients at the initial stage and conduct group therapies sessions twice a day to develop insight into our clients regarding their disease.

Healing door is the first rehab of Islamabad served by experienced consultant clinical psychologists, consultant psychiatrists, medical officers, addiction therapists, and recovering counselors.

We offer pre-treatment services, treatment services, and recovery management programs for our clients. Rehabilitation is Teamwork. We work on rehabilitation,  family involvement in treatment, and the client’s interest in the treatment by the necessary means. We work on recovery management in the form of, Halfway house and daycare programs after initial treatment of SUDs patients.

Healing Door offers various recreating facilities, including indoor games, tennis court, Gym,  carom board, badminton & many more. Healing Door offers all-inclusive 24/7 staff support. Healing Door staff treats you with compassion and as an honored guest, giving you the courage & strength to seek recovery. We respect your privacy policy, and client confidentiality is our priority.

healing door rehab center services
Healing door rehab center services

Healing Door Rehab Center Comprehensive Medical & Psychiatric care:

The Healing door is one of the best rehab centers in Islamabad, Pakistan, offering individualized plans for a range of addiction issues for both chemical and non-chemical addictions. The patients will experience mindfulness in a comfortable climate. Healing Door is surrounded by mountains.

What makes Healing Door Rehab Center different?

At Healing door, we deal with dual diagnostics as addiction is a brain disease. We work on both drug addiction and co-morbid conditions to heal our patients at the best we can. Healing door deals with both chemical addictions like( alcohols abuse, heroin, crystal myth, hash, cocaine, tranquilizers addiction )as well as non-chemical addiction like ( Gambling, gaming addiction, sex addiction, masturbation, and many more). Healing door is one of the best platforms for residential treatment of psychological disorders like schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, mood disorders, personality disorder, Major depressive disorders, and many more mental conditions. The one & only scientific way to terminate the struggle with sense addiction is to choose the right rehab center & undergo treatment.

We deal with love, sympathy, and empathetic approaches to treat our patients at their best. For fastening, recovery Healing door is a renowned & trusted rehab that offers thousands of world-class treatment facilities that gradually help the addicts return to their mode of living, become productive and responsible people of the society. A variety of rehab treatment programs or therapies are available to meet the specific needs & the behavior of the patients.

Because of our innovative & progressive programs personalized for each approaching us, We are committed to maintaining the topmost treatment standards to help every patient with any dependence substance/ process limited addition.

Healing Door offers a comprehensive range of de-addiction & rehabilitation services to addicts. It combines advanced techniques, state-of-the-art equipment & the latest rehabilitation treatment procedures to treat patients with addiction problems. We offer drug alcohol & substance abuse treatment.

Out patient & inpatient:

Rehabilitation programs are available depending upon the extremity of addiction to suit Your needs. The healing door offers a deluxe & superior ambiance for the patients. This rehab provides state-of-the-art addiction recovery treatment & holistic therapies for the patients struggling with drugs, alcohol & other severe or moderate addictions, offering a wide variety of rehabilitation programs.

Asad Noor

Mr. ASAD Ali Noor is the Chief Executive officer of HDRC Islamabad. He is a consultant psychologist and addiction Therapist. He has his graduation in psychology and post gradation also in psychology .He worked in different hospitals and rehabilitation centers in supervision of different addiction and psychiatric specialists .He got his basic experiences in the treatment of addiction and psychiatric illness from PRC rehabilitation Karachi and served as a head of psychologist at SPI Islamabad .He is a motivational speaker and trainer who is training psychologist in the field of addiction treatment in different Rehabs of KPK. He is a member of ISSUP international. Mr Asad Noor has recently completed Universal treatment curriculum (UTC 1 to 8) of addiction treatment provide by national and international trainers by United Nations office on drugs and crime prevention in collaboration with IHRA Islamabad .