Healing Door Rehab Center’s Unique Services

Healing Door Rehab Center provides a variety of personalized residential programs for individuals seeking help with addiction and mental health issues. 

We offer an interconnected approach that combines science-based treatments with evidence-based techniques. Our professional team is highly trained to address drug addiction and psychiatric illnesses. 

We use a structured program, including the 12 Steps and Minnesota models, for substance use disorders.

At Healing Door, we employ various methods to modify the behaviors of those with mental illnesses. We have a 24-hour routine of responsibility and punctuality. We help patients develop their skills. We manage acute withdrawal symptoms and conduct group therapy sessions twice a day to help clients understand their conditions.

Our team in Islamabad includes experienced clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, medical officers, addiction therapists, and counselors. We offer pre-treatment, treatment, and recovery management programs, emphasizing teamwork, family involvement, and client engagement.

healing door rehab center services
Healing door rehab center services

Healing Door also provides recreational facilities, 24/7 staff support, and respects client confidentiality. We offer comprehensive medical and psychiatric care for various addiction issues in a serene environment.

What sets Healing Door apart is our approach to dual diagnosis, addressing both addiction and co-occurring conditions. We treat chemical addictions (alcohol, drugs) and non-chemical addictions (gambling, gaming, etc.). We also specialize in treating mental disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, and more.

Our empathetic approach, world-class treatment facilities, and innovative programs help patients recover and reintegrate into society. We offer a wide range of rehab programs tailored to individual needs, ensuring the highest treatment standards. We use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment for drug, alcohol, and substance abuse treatment.

Healing Door offers both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation programs to suit the severity of addiction. Our rehab center provides a comfortable and superior environment, focusing on addiction recovery and holistic therapies for those struggling with substance abuse.

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