Overcoming Ice Addiction

Overcoming Ice Addiction_ A Journey of Hope at Healing Door Rehabilitation Centre

Overcoming Ice Addiction: A Journey of Hope at Healing Door Rehabilitation Centre Islamabad, Peshawar and Swat

Amidst the unparalleled and scenic beauty of Islamabad, Swat, and Peshawar, dwells the harsh realities of addiction making it imperative for communities to unite and draft a structured solution in controlling and fostering treatment plans for the masses indulging in the disease of substance use and other related behavioural and social problems.

Healing Door Rehabilitation Centre emerges as a ray of hope for those dealing with the devastating effects of Substance use disorder including Cannabis, Ice, Heroin, and Alcohol addiction.


Healing Door Rehabilitation Centre provides a safe and healthy environment for people struggling with Ice addiction and trying to break free from the gripping chains of Meth and Amphetamine. Being among the best rehabilitation centres in Islamabad, Peshawar and Swat reflects dedication and commitment to reaching and helping people far and wide. HDRC is a rehabilitation centre that promises recovery in a controlled and supportive environment.


What made rehabilitation stand out from other institutes is the dedication and strategic planning that psychologists and psychiatrists put into the work and treatment of patients.

Tailor-made treatment plans are crafted and structured for each individual. Recognizing that addiction is a complex and multifaceted challenge, the expert team at Healing Door tailor programs to address the unique needs and circumstances of every resident. From detoxification to counselling and beyond, the rehabilitation process is personalized, acknowledging the distinctiveness of each person’s journey to sobriety.


Healing Door goes beyond traditional rehabilitation by embracing holistic healing approaches. The focus extends beyond detox, incorporating physical fitness, mental health practices, and mindfulness into the recovery process. The goal is not only to free individuals from the immediate clutches of addiction but also to nurture a sustainable, balanced lifestyle that supports long-term recovery.


Our treatment approach focuses on empowering individuals on all levels – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Through a combination of therapeutic interventions, physical well-being activities, and mindfulness practices, Healing Door aims to not only treat the symptoms of addiction but also to nurture a resilient and empowered mindset for a fulfilling life beyond rehabilitation.

At Healing Door, we understand that overcoming ice addiction requires more than a singular focus on substance use. Our comprehensive treatment approach addresses the root causes and diverse challenges associated with addiction. From detoxification to counselling, every step is meticulously crafted to guide individuals through a journey of self-discovery and recovery.

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