Reasons Healing Door is the Best Rehabilitation Center in Islamabad, Pakistan

Reasons Healing Door is the best rehabilitation center in Islamabad, Pakistan

1. The Best Team of Professionals:

The most pivotal component of any treatment facility is the team involved. We at Healing Door Rehab can boost of ours being the only team 100 % trained in Addiction Treatment Curriculum by the UNODC. Any rehabilitation process is based on 30 percent medical and 70 percent psychological on psychological treatment. Our dedicated team is consist of addiction trained consultant psychologist, addiction trained Psychiatrist and addiction trained physicians and doctors. 

2. Why 5-Star ?

HDRC has the best Staff-Client ratio.

(1:6) and the best Client: Area ratio (1: 100 m2) for  a maximum of 50 Patients

3.Conducive Environment:

 Rehabilitating someone who has lived with addictive behavior needs an environment that is spacious, welcoming, free of stigma & open to discussions on points of concern. HDRC, being the largest 5-Star facility can be trusted in this regard. As we have an space over 6 kanal, play area, VIP 2 bed rooms, full of luxuries including every basic necessities that you need at home.

4. Best Food & Accommodation: 60-70 percent of the money HDRC charges is spent on Client’s Food+Hygiene+Personal Care including physical fitness, mental wellbeing, and autonomy of idea.

5. Largest Covered Area: We are a 6-Kanals facility housing only a maximum of 50 patients at a time to provide them the best ever possible treatment and care in Pakistan.

6. Regular Indoor & Outdoor Activities: Physical wellbeing is a pre requisite for sound mental health.

40 percent of time is spent in active physical involvement (API) by the clients per day

7. The best easily accessible location:

Healing Door is the only rehabilitation center having 3 access points (Korang, Jinnah & Zaib un Nisa Roads) and 5 to 10 minutes distance from diplomatic enclave Islamabad.

8. The Best security features: HDRC has a fool-proof yet non-restricting security setup consisting of CCTVs, harm-free infrastructure and mental health-friendly outdoor environment. We never restrict, bind or over-sedate clients as to have typically by rehabs in Pakistan.

9. Religious and Physical training facilities: We have a regular Hadith & Quran lesson each day for our valued residents that go a long way in keeping them refreshed mentally.

10. The highest recovery rate in the Federal Capital: Healing door rehab and psychiatric center is confident to believe that HDRC has the best recovery rate. Recovery being the ability to resist addictions and addictive behaviors when exposed to public.

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